14mm Narrow Gauge Wagon Turntables 

Suitable for narrow gauge on 14mm gauge, such as O14

These track panels are designed to fit Peco code 100 rail. 
recommended for indoor use only, as plastic is not fully water proof 

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Description Template


14mm gauge 48mm diameter wagon turntable, fits various surround corners. Just add code 
100 rail. Can be wired up.

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plain surfaced outside corners for 48mm diameter 14mm gauge wagon turntable. uses code 
100 rail 

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complete base for 48m diameter wagon turntable with flat surface for `14mm gauge. 
Designed so turntable can be operated from side using connecting bar attached. Uses 
code 100 rail

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big stone surface version of 14mm gauge,48mm diameter wagon turntable surround. 

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base unit plus control lever for 48mm diameter 14mm gauge wagon turntable with large 
stone surface. use code 100 rail 

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