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Irish Narrow Gauge


        3D printed Irish 5ft 3in Broad Gauge

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County Donegal Railway Ford railcar nos 2 and 3

Ford chassis with body built by C.H.Roe of Crossgates (Leeds). Operated 1924-1926 when road bus competition saw them sold to County Donegal Railways.
They were modified by County Donegal(body lowered), to fit 3ft gauge, but were not uccessful and were scrapped in the mid 30s. 

Colonel Stephens wanted to buy them, but was outbid by the County Donegal. 

Requires chassis, and finishing etc.

County Donegal Railway(ex Dublin and Blessington Tramway) railcar no 3

The Dublin and Blessington Tramway ran from 1888 till 1932, mainly using steam engines but started to use internal combustion in its final years. This railcar was supplied by Drewry, and on closure was bought by the County Donegal Railway and converted from 5ft 3in gauge to 3ft gauge, and continued in use until the line closed, having been converted to a trailer coach in the 1940s. It has been preserved in this final condition. 

Requires finishing off, wheels and mechanism etc. 

Pictures are just for reference, not of specific scaled model. 


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