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All 3D printed designs by Simon Dawson (Rue d'Étropal) , currently produced to order by Shapeways. Just follow links to Shapeways pages.



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Pictures are just for reference, not of specific scaled model. 

Some bogie wagons require bogies, some are included. Check specific wagon for requirements. 


Description Model Scales
Broad Gauge
Ceylon(Sri Lanka) Railways M1 diesel loco 

In the 1950s Sri Lankan railway was seeking replacements for old rolling stock, routine replacement of which had been delayed by World War II. Specifications were for 25 locomotives with 750 hp (559 kW) power at the wheel, available from 12 mph (19 km/h) upwards, and up to an altitude of 6,200 ft (1,900 m).
The train was expected to be used for suburban trains centered on Colombo, as well as mail trains in the north of the country, and trains in hill areas: approximately requirements were for a vehicle capable of pulling 550 long tons (560 t; 620 short tons) at 18 mph (29 km/h) on a gradient of 1 in 44 (2.27%) on track with 5-chain (330 ft; 101 m) reverse curves; preferably within a 80 long tons (81 t; 90 short tons) locomotive weight on 6 axles (A1A-A1A). 

Brush offered a locomotive with 1,000 hp (746 kW) power, and a generator output of 625 hp (466 kW), capable of multiple working, and was awarded the contract.
Five locomotives were supplied (deliveries beginning Jan. 1953) for operational testing – Brush had not been able to fully stress test the units in England due to an absence of a full scale 5 ft 6 in (1,676 mm) test track.

The remaining twenty locomotives, with modifications required to resolve the issues found during testing were delivered from May 1954, at a rate of approximately 1 per month

Requires chassis,wheels etc

Version without  bogie sides

  Loco body with bogie sides    
  Bogie sides 

1/100 and 1/160 version  have them included with loco body

Ceylon(Sri Lanka) Railways B1 Steam loco

Introduced in 1920s, first batch designed and built by Beyer Peacock. Other builders supplied locos up till 1940s. 
Known as the 'Governor' class, many were named, and were very successful. Two locos are preserved in working order.

Requires chassis,wheels etc
Ceylon(Sri Lanka) Railways T1 diesel electric railcar

English Electric supplied 23 diesel electric railcars , a more powerful single car version of the S1 articulated railcars.They had been ordered pre WW2, but delivererd 1947/8. Normally operated in pairs.One unit has been prserved in working order. 

Requires chassis,wheels etc
RENFE/ZAFRA-HUELVA(Spain) railway Sentinel railmotor

Built in 1929 by Sentinel for the ZAFRA-HUELVA railway.
It passed into the hands of RENFE with number 9091, providing service on the line from Huelva to Fregenal de la Sierra and later on that from Seville to Alcalá de Guadaira. Ending its days as a workers' train in 1961. It was popularly known by the nickname "PIOJO VERDE".
Photos show it still just about running into mid 1960s. 

It is currently being restored. 


Requires chassis,wheels etc

Sri Lanka Railways Romanian 3rd class coach

Introduced in 1980s. 

based on outline drawings. Some measurements have been estimated.
Requires chassis,wheels etc
Sri Lanka Railways suburban coach

based on outline drawings. Some measurements have been estimated.
Requires chassis,wheels etc


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