3D Printed Designs

As there are now so many designs on my database, this front end should make it easier to find items


3D printed trackwork

3D printed house and shop modules

(Ground  floor)

3D printed narrow gauge locomotives 

3D printed standard gauge locomotives 

3D printed house and shop modules

(Middle floor)

3D printed standard gauge rollingstock

3D printed narrow gauge rolling stock

3D printed house and shop modules


3D printed road vehicles

3D printed warehouse modules

Complete Buildings

3D printed accessories

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Latest items added,


NER petrol electric railcar District Line G,K,O,P stock -Q stock L&Y  Bury Manchester 3rd rail stock Ford Dagenham Diesel Electric loco



LNWR steam railmotor Y6 Tram loco

Wisbech tram coaches

Small lineside buildings 2SL EMU coaches

 GEC EMU coaches

Oelikon EMU coaches



    Flexi Track

16.5mm gauge plain surface

16.5mm narrow gauge (eg O16.5)






Nissen Huts British Railways 16t coal wagon in HO 1/76 scale model of WW2 era SR signal box at Gomshall New standard gauge loco -J94 Austerity HO

New sloping/hill terraced house roof C2 080 steam loco as used in China 14mm gauge wagon turntables  Working Level Crossing Kits




Designs by Rue d'Étropal