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If you spot anything that looks like a fault, or you want more info, please contact me. 

email:  recreation21@hotmail.co.uk

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STL Files  for sale

There is still a lot of misinformation and hype relating to 3d printing. 

Here is a quick breakdown of how 3d print printing works. 

Select a suitable CAD application software.
Create and complete the design.
Save and export the design into 3D printing STL file format.
Download the design in stl format from internet
Pick a suitable slicer program.
Allow the slicer to convert the STL file into a printable G-code.

I found this online which might help

Slicing means converting the 3D model file into a machine language that can be recognized by the printer, and the printer can only print successfully after recognizing this machine language. This machine language is called the G-Code file.
Support structures are an integral part of the FDM 3D printing process. In short, they help 3D printers overcome certain design limitations, like geometries with steep angles and overhangs. Today, most slicer programs automatically generate supports, making it easy for makers to use them.

After 10 years being involved in designing models for 3D printing, using Shapeways to do the actual printing, I felt it was time to look at ways to offer the print files to modelers to print themselves. I have had lots of requests but have also heard or been told of problems, but now believe it is possible for modelers with their own printers to print many of my designs.
Initially I planned to sell collections of stl files, but now Shapeways are testing a new pay for download option, for private use only, so I have put my original plan on hold for the moment as Shapeways have included some of my designs in the trial.


Prior to this

My original idea was that the narrow gauge designs were a good collection to start with. Most have versions in several scales, and designs range from WW1 locos and wagons, to Swedish narrow gauge railcars.  Most are quite small, even in bigger scales so should be printable on home or club printers. 

 Prices for  approximately 180 designs would be £20 (1000) or £35(500). 

Crowdfunding(Kickstarter?) is best way to continue


contact me for info by email 

recreation21@hotmail.co.uk, or via Shapeways personal message system



Robert Stephenson Hawthorn Ugly Locos Light Rail Vehicle London Transport C69 and D78 Stock

London Transport A60 Stock

Standard Gauge Industrial Garratt Loco
WD Austerity Locos LMS Bogie Utility Vans

LMS Horsebox

SR(Exmouth works) concrete platform sections Bulleid West Country/BOB loco and tender

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Barnum and Bailey Greatest Show on Earth UK/European tour


New Finescale Spiral Staircases


British 3ft and over  Gauge


Irish 5ft 3in Broad Gauge


 3D perspective Buildings


Bermuda Railway stock  


FREE 3D print files to download







Specials and one offs




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Other Scales, materials can be requested and I will see if it is possible. Please ask.

3D Printed Designs

As there are now so many designs on my database, this front end should make it easier to find items




3D printed trackwork


Complete Buildings including new terraced houses and shops

Nissen Huts

Provender/ Trader Goods Sheds

Railway Signals

Art Deco Station Buildings


3D printed accessories

Bridge building parts

Across Board join Track Panels

Operating Mechanisms 

Working Level Crossing kits

OO Barrow Crossing parts

Building Parts and Furniture

Brickwork panels


Narrow Gauge

3D printed narrow gauge locomotives 

3D printed narrow gauge rolling stock

3D printed French Metre Gauge 

3D printed Irish Narrow Gauge 

3D printed British 3ft and over narrow gauge 



3D printed house and shop modules (Roof)

3D printed house and shop modules(Middle floor)

3D printed house and shop modules(Ground  floor)

3D printed warehouse modules


Standard Gauge 

3D printed standard gauge locomotives 

3D printed standard gauge coaches and railcars

3D printed standard gauge  wagons


Other counties and gauges


3D printed broad gauge locomotives 

3D printed Irish 5ft 3in Broad Gauge

3D printed Finnish Railways 

3D printed Swedish Railways 

3D printed Portugal Railways 

3D printed Non British Standard Gauge 



3D printed road vehicles

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all other designs please go to my Shapeways e-shop.


Designs by Rue d'Étropal