3D Printed Designs

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SR Maunsell low window corridor coaches GCR J10 loco and tender

GCR J11 loco and tender

Round corrugated storage/camping shed Rye and Camber Tramway 3ft gauge locos and stock
Standard gauge chaldron wagon SR/IOW ex LBSCR bogie coaches

SR/IOW ex LCDR bogie coaches

SR Maunsell high window corridor coaches Midland Railway Steam Railmotor original and conversions

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Barnum and Bailey Greatest Show on Earth UK/European tour


New Finescale Spiral Staircases


British 3ft Gauge


Irish 5ft 3in Broad Gauge


 3D perspective Buildings


Bermuda Railway stock  


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Specials and one offs




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Other Scales, materials can be requested and I will see if it is possible. Please ask.

3D Printed Designs

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3D printed trackwork


Complete Buildings including new terraced houses and shops

Nissen Huts

Railway Signals


3D printed accessories

Bridge building parts

Across Board join Track Panels

Operating Mechanisms 

Working Level Crossing kits

OO Barrow Crossing parts

Building Parts and Furniture

Brickwork panels


Narrow Gauge

3D printed narrow gauge locomotives 

3D printed narrow gauge rolling stock

3D printed French Metre Gauge 

3D printed Irish Narrow Gauge 

3D printed British 3ft gauge 



3D printed house and shop modules (Roof)

3D printed house and shop modules(Middle floor)

3D printed house and shop modules(Ground  floor)

3D printed warehouse modules


Standard Gauge 

3D printed standard gauge locomotives 

3D printed standard gauge coaches and railcars

3D printed standard gauge  wagons


Other counties and gauges


3D printed broad gauge locomotives 

3D printed Irish 5ft 3in Broad Gauge

3D printed Finnish Railways 

3D printed Swedish Railways 

3D printed Portugal Railways 

3D printed Non British Standard Gauge 



3D printed road vehicles

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Designs by Rue d'Étropal