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NER Dynamometer Coach



 Auto Trailer Coach



Recent items added,

LNWRsteam railmotor 

Second batch version


Class 502 

Liverpool-Southport EMU


Class 503 

Wirral EMU


Furness Railway Steam Railmotor and trailer coach GWR style brick goods shed

Detailed Shop Fronts in 1/32, 1/35 and 1/43 scales

Altrincham EMU class 505 SR(ex SECRsteam railmotor) articulated  coaches sets 513/514 and pushpull conversioned coaches GWR coaling stage Liverpool Overhead Railway
AEC/BUT BR railcars LNER Tyneside electrics L&Y steam railmotor and trailer coach    

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3D Printed Designs

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3D printed trackwork

3D printed house and shop modules (Roof)

3D printed house and shop modules(Middle floor)

arrow Gauge

3D printed narrow gauge locomotives 

3D printed narrow gauge rolling stock


3D printed house and shop modules(Ground  floor)

Standard Gauge

3D printed standard gauge locomotives 

3D printed standard gauge coaches and railcars

3D printed standard gauge  wagons


3D printed warehouse modules

Complete Buildings

Nissen Huts


3D printed accessories

Bridge building parts

Across Board join Track Panels

Operating Mechanisms 

Working Level Crossing kits

OO Barrow Crossing parts

Building Parts and Furniture

Brickwork panels


3D printed road vehicles

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Designs by Rue d'Étropal