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GWR Railcar no 18
Hull&Barnsley Railway 4 wheel coaches
LSWR Royal Saloon Coach no 17
LNER/BR class 306 Shenfield EMU
LBSCR Small Signal Box
GWR Pagoda station building
Metropolitan Railway Jubilee Coaches 

Mid Suffolk Light Railway coaches

WCPR coaches


LT&SR D31 Horse Box
WSR/S&MR Rail Lorry and railmotors 
LMS Fowler 2-6-4T loco
Revised Terraced houses and shops
LBSCR Well Wagon
LSWR Drummond's The Bug Inspection Car
GCR 15t 6 wheel brakevan
KESR Royal Saloon Coach 
S&MR Royal Saloon Coach
S&MR No 2 Severn loco(early and late versions)
SR W class steam loco
GCR Petrol-Electric Railcar
Wolseley-Siddeley  Railcar
S&MR Loco Gazelle 
S&MR Gazelle coach coaches
KESR Pickering Steam Railcar
SR/WCPR Dewry No 5 Railcar
BR Class 109(Wickham) DMU
LNER Quadruple and Quintuple articulated suburban coaches
Midland Railway EMU (Heyham,Morecambe,Lancaster)
LNWR Siemens EMU(London and Morecambe versions)
Simplex 50hp 8ton standard gauge shunter
GWR Railcars (late series)
Wickham Maintenance Trolleys
Scammell/FAR Mechanical Horses
LMS Karrier Ro-Railer Bus
WCPR Small Drewry Railcar and Trailer
Standard Gauge Simplex shunting loco
Hawthorn Leslie 0-6-0F Fireless Loco (Huncoat no 3)
CF d'ETAT double deck steam railmotor
Mersey Railway 1903 EMU
GWR Articulated Mainline and City Coaches
GWR DIAG A7  Auto Trailer Coach
SECR 6 wheel push pull coaches 
BR(LNER)_Glossop_Woodhead cl506 EMU 
LMS Post Office sorting and storage vans d1992 d1793
NER Inspection Saloon  (Old Gentleman's) Coach
LMS Sentinel Steam Railmotor
SECR 6 wheel brakevan
LSWR  diag 136/25  vestibule push-pull coach sets(Plymouth) 
NER Dynamometer Coach
GWR DIAG Z  Auto Trailer Coach
LNWRsteam railmotor  Second batch version
Class 502  Liverpool-Southport EMU
Class 503  Wirral EMU
Furness Railway Steam Railmotor and trailer coach
Altrincham EMU class 505
SR(ex SECRsteam railmotor) articulated  coaches sets 513/514 and pushpull conversioned coaches
Liverpool Overhead Railway
AEC/BUT BR railcars
LNER Tyneside electrics
L&Y steam railmotor and trailer coach
GWR coaling stage
GWR style brick goods shed
Detailed Shop Fronts in 1/32, 1/35 and 1/43 scales


Designs by Rue d'Étropal