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LNWR Siemens EMU(London and Morecambe versions)
Simplex 50hp 8ton standard gauge shunter
GWR Railcars (late series)
Wickham Maintenance Trolleys
Scammell/FAR Mechanical Horses
LMS Karrier Ro-Railer Bus
WCPR Small Drewry Railcar and Trailer
Standard Gauge Simplex shunting loco
Hawthorn Leslie 0-6-0F Fireless Loco (Huncoat no 3)
CF d'ETAT double deck steam railmotor
Mersey Railway 1903 EMU
GWR Articulated Mainline and City Coaches
GWR DIAG A7  Auto Trailer Coach
SECR 6 wheel push pull coaches 
BR(LNER)_Glossop_Woodhead cl506 EMU 
LMS Post Office sorting and storage vans d1992 d1793
NER Inspection Saloon  (Old Gentleman's) Coach
LMS Sentinel Steam Railmotor
SECR 6 wheel brakevan
LSWR  diag 136/25  vestibule push-pull coach sets(Plymouth) 
NER Dynamometer Coach
GWR DIAG Z  Auto Trailer Coach
LNWRsteam railmotor  Second batch version
Class 502  Liverpool-Southport EMU
Class 503  Wirral EMU
Furness Railway Steam Railmotor and trailer coach
Altrincham EMU class 505
SR(ex SECRsteam railmotor) articulated  coaches sets 513/514 and pushpull conversioned coaches
Liverpool Overhead Railway
AEC/BUT BR railcars
LNER Tyneside electrics
L&Y steam railmotor and trailer coach
GWR coaling stage
GWR style brick goods shed
Detailed Shop Fronts in 1/32, 1/35 and 1/43 scales


Designs by Rue d'Étropal