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Robert Stephenson Hawthorn Ugly Locos
Light Rail Vehicle
London Transport A60 stock
London Transport C69 and D78 stock
SG Industrial Garratt Loco
WD Austerity Locos
LMS Horsebox
LMS bogie Utility Vans
SR (Exmouth works) concrete platforms
Bulleid West Country/BOB Loco and tender
Provender/Trader Goods Shed modular
Brill Tramway Coaches
Metropolitan Railway/MRD Experimental Motor Coach
Metropolitan Railway 4 wheel coaches
Metropolitan Railway Pullman and Saloon coaches
Metropolitan Railway Goods Stock
More Standard Gauge Simplex locos
Metropolitan Railway Non Passenger Stock
Pedal Powered vehicles
More LMS Non Corridor Coaches
ANDR ex Barnum Coaches
USATC S160 2-8-0 loco
Crochat Pithiviers railcar
French Billard A80D(R210) railcar Remorque/trailer coach
GNR/LNER Directors Saloon Coach
LNER Articulated Triplet Restaurant coach

LNER Gresley Tourist Coaches

SR Concrete platform lamps
Micheline railcars type 9 and 11(as trialed in Britain )

and running in France

Jersey Railway Sentinel Railcars
LMS 50ft Full Brake Coaches
LSWR H13 Steam Railmotor
SR Devon Belle Pullman Observation Coaches

SR 5BEL Brighton Blle EMU

LNER  Sentinel railcars

GSR Articulated Sentinel Railcars

LMS Articulated Sentinel Railcars (original)

Jersey Eastern Railway Sentinel Railcar

LNER P2 Loco
Rotherfield and Mark Cross Station building
LNER W1 4-6-4 loco
LSWR 0415 Radial Tank Loco
LNER/NBR Locos J37(S),J83(D),C15(M),N15(A)
Victoria Line(London) trains
NER P6/P7 coal hopper wagons
LNER/GER J69(S56) locos
LMS Michelin Railcar
Slinfold Station building
Cavan and Letrim bus body coach(7l) conversion

West Clare railcar trailer coach


Billard A80D railcar Corsica version
Cavan&Leitrim wagons
Cavan&Leitrim , Tralee&Dingle and West Clare Railway horseboxes
Tralee and Dingle Railway Bogie Vans
LNER p1 2-8-2 loco
Art Deco Station
Tralee and Dingle coaches
Bicycle and Tandem
French 1930s postbox
London trams 
French Street Pissoir
BR class 37 diesel
pantile sheets
LNER/NER Q6/T2 loco and tender
GCR/LNER O4/3 loco and tender

GCR/LNER O4/8 loco and tender

Furness Railway Steam Railmotor and trailer(revised design)
Chicago South Shore and South Bend Railroad cars
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Designs by Rue d'Étropal