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Spurn Head Railway Hudswell Clarke railcar
14mm gauge inset/tram track
LMS Fowler 2-6-2T loco
GNR(I) railcar B 
ex LNER observation coach(modified)
Renault ABH1 and ABH5 metre gauge railcars
Dublin Blessington Drewry/County Donegal  Railcar
KESR ex NLR luggage brake coach
NLR 18ft 6in luggage brake coach
DWWR Ashbury covered wagon/van
LNER Coronation Twin coaches
MGWR 6 wheel coaches
Ceylon(Sri Lanka) Railways B1 steam loco
SR/IOW 4 wheel push pull coaches
NER d100 Motor Luggage Van
Inset track parts
MGWR 4 wheel 3rd class coach
SECR Continental Coaches
Ceylon(Sri Lanka) Railways T1 diesel electric railcar
Bishops Castle Railway van no 24
SL&NCR Railcar B
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Designs by Rue d'Étropal