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Southern Railway(ex LSWR) signal parts
Seaton Station Low Relief version
BR class 23 diesel loco(Baby Deltic)
LNER J27 loco and tender
District Railway Electric Loco

LTSR/District Ealing coaches

Sri Lanka suburban coach
Billard A80D railcar
NER O(LNER G5) 0-4-4T loco
Ruston Bucyrus RB10
LYR Southport EMU stock
District Railway C/D stock
Sri Lanka Romanian coach
District Railway E stock
LMS non corridor coaches
BR class 310 EMU
Metropolitan Railway Hunslet 0-6-0T loco
Metropolitan Railway Peckett 0-6-0ST loco  
Metropolitan Railway A class 4-4-0T loco
Metropolitan Railway C class 0-4-4T loco
Metropolitan Railway D class 2-4-0T loco
Metropolitan Railway F class 0-6-2T loco
Metropolitan Railway E class 0-4-4T loco
Metropolitan Railway G class 0-6-4T loco

Metropolitan Railway/LNER M2 class 0-6-4T loco


Metropolitan Railway H class 4-4-4T loco

Metropolitan Railway/LNER H2 class 4-4-4T loco

Metropolitan Railway K class 2-6-4T loco
Metropolitan Railway MV/MW/T stock
Metropolitan Railway Dreadnought coaches
Kitson 0-4-0wt loco
Corringham Light Railway Kerr Stuart loco Kynite
Corringham Light Railway toast rack coaches
Metropolitan Railway Camelback electric loco

Metropolitan Railway BTH Boxcab electric loco

Metropolitan Railway Metro-Vick electric loco

BR Waggon und Maschinenbau Railbus
Class 201/202/203/206 Hastings/Tadpole DEMU
More16T mineral wagons
Redlake Tramway locos and coaches
KESR 0-8-0T Hecate
Longmoor Military Railway 0-6-2T Sir John French
PDSWJR 0-6-2T loco
Bondy Locotracteur type A5 cv no941
Guinness Brewery Railway 

5ft 3in gauge

narrow gauge

Tyneside and Southern Region EPD EMU stock
More NER Tyneside EMU coaches
Metropolitan Railway Ashbury Bogie Coaches
GWR Bow Ended Corridor Coaches
NER EE1 electric loco
GCR/LNER A5 loco
Paris Metro Sprague stock
Caledonian Railway/LMS Pullman Observation Car "MAID OF MORVEN" 
Mersey Railway 1923 stock
GT3 loco
BR class 80 prototype AC electric loco
BR(GWR) Gas Turbine loco 18100
BR(GWR) Gas Turbine loco 18000
LSWR O2 loco
MGWR horsebox
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