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SR 4COR EMU stock
NER Tynesde D98/99  passenger EMU stock
Baldwin WW1 0-6-0 saddletank loco
CF de Camargue 
French type G  roundhouse modules 
Decauville Mallet 0440T loco (Paris 1889)
Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway loco and rolling stock
GCR London Suburban Coaches
SECR Bogie Coach sets
Drewry type B railcar
LNWR Push Pull Coaches
Cavan & Leitrim Railway coach
SR Maunsell d2654 General Saloon Brake coach
GCR C13 loco

GCR pushpull set

LBSCR Bogie Coaches
GSR Drumm Battery railcar
SECR d147 brake 3rd coach
LNER Silver Jubilee coaches
GSR Clayton steam railcar
GWR 1886 brake van
District Line Q35 stock (ex M & N) and Q31 stock (ex L)
Spurn Head Railway Hudswell Clarke railcar
14mm gauge inset/tram track
LMS Fowler 2-6-2T loco
GNR(I) railcar B 
ex LNER observation coach(modified)
Renault ABH1 and ABH5 metre gauge railcars
Dublin Blessington Drewry/County Donegal  Railcar
KESR ex NLR luggage brake coach
NLR 18ft 6in luggage brake coach
DWWR Ashbury covered wagon/van
LNER Coronation Twin coaches
MGWR 6 wheel coaches
Ceylon(Sri Lanka) Railways B1 steam loco
SR/IOW 4 wheel push pull coaches
NER d100 Motor Luggage Van
Inset track parts
MGWR 4 wheel 3rd class coach
SECR Continental Coaches
Ceylon(Sri Lanka) Railways T1 diesel electric railcar
Bishops Castle Railway van no 24
SL&NCR Railcar B
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Designs by Rue d'Étropal