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Renault TE autocar(rebuilt to MX 155-156 on Reseau Breton)
LSWR dining saloon coach
GSWR (Ireland) J15/101 steam loco and tender
West Clare Railway Walker diesel loco
New York Subway IRT series 5100 motor/trailer car
SECR H class 0-4-4T loco
Bugatti Presidentiel railcar
District Line R38/47/49 stock
SR 4SUB EMU(first batch)
Chicago North Shore steel interurbans/Silverliner
GWR Dreadnought Coaches
Etat G series van
New individual inlaid track inserts 
Dick Kerr/Westinghouse WDLR loco
Panhard gaz powered autorail
Manning Wardle L class loco Sir Berkeley
LNER A4 loco and tender
De Dion Bouton automotrice/railcar type KG and trailer

De Dion Bouton automotrice/railcar type KG3 and trailer(Syria)

BR wagon chassis 9ft and 10ft wheelbases
Maunsell pushpull coaches
Bulleid proposed 2-8-2 

Bulleid Q1 Leader style variants

NER ES1/EF1/EB1 electric locos
Swedish Narrow Gauge Y01 railbuses and trailers
GCR/MSLR Directors Saloon coach
SR Maunsell and Bulleid Restaurant coaches
GSWR(Ireland) class 90 loco
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Designs by Rue d'Étropal