3D Printed standard gauge passenger stock

(ex LMS region)

Passenger stock  including EMUs, DMUs and steam railmotors. 

LNWR steam railmotor L&Y steam railmotor Furness Railway steam railmotor LMS Sentinel steam railmotor LMS Karrier Ro-Railer Bus
Altrincham  EMU(cl505) Oerlikon EMU GEC EMU L&Y Bury EMU LNWR Siemens EMU
Midland Railway  EMU        
Class 502(Southport )EMU Class 503(Wirral )EMU      
LMS Post Office vans        




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Oerlikon EMU
  3 coach Oerlikon EMU originally built by the LNWR for the North London line and the Watford to London suburban services.
This is the motor driving coach. Just the body and roof. A chassis, and bogies are required to complete
The motor end was partly paneled, from front to end of motor compartment, then was flush sided. The other two coaches were flush sided.

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3 coach  GEC EMU originally built by the LMS for the North London line and the Watford to London suburban services, as well as the Liverpool to Stockport service

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L&Y Railway 3rd rail EMU Manchester-Bury line

The Manchester to Bury line was electrified in 1916. The trains were state of the art, in fact ahead of their time, using aluminum on steel frames.
Each train consisted of 5 coaches, 2 motor coaches, one at each end, a slightly different motor coach in the middle, and one third and one first class trailer coach. All coaches had driving positions at each end, so different formations could be put together. Extensions to the electrification were never put in place.
They lasted through to about 1961, when new BR built cl504 units replaced them.


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L&Y steam railmotor

One of the more successful British steam railmotors introduced by the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway from 1906. Later modified so a corridor connnection could be made to a matching trailer coach. The loco and coach were articulated.
The last example just survived into British Railways, but was never renumbered.
Model requires chassis. Loco body should be separated from coach body, and articulated to it. 

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Altrincham EMU class 505

British Railways Class 505 were 1,500 V DC electric multiple units (EMUs) introduced in 1931 by the Manchester, South Junction and Altrincham Railway (MSJAR). They were withdrwan in 1971, so survived into the blue era, just.

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Furness Railway steam railmotor and trailer

The Furness Railway built two steam railmotors. No1 and 2. Photos are rare, and mostly show no 1. Design based on published drawings and photos.

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Class 502

Class 502 was a type of electric multiple unit originally built by the London Midland and Scottish Railway at its Derby Works. Introduced in 1940 and withdrawn by 1980, they spent the whole of their working lives on the electrified railway lines of north Liverpool

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Class 503

Introduced by the LMS, as Class AM3 and then designated class 503 by British Railways.. They were designed for, and operated on, the Wirral & Mersey lines from Liverpool to West Kirby, New Brighton, and Rock Ferry.

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LMS Sentinel Steam Railmotor 

Sentinel built steam railcars for both the LMS an LNER. The LMS tested a prototype lightweight version(simlar to the LNER lightweigh ones), and subsequently ordered some slightly altered versions themselves. 

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LMS Karrier Ro-Railer bus

Karrier's Ro-Railer was a hybrid single decker bus, capable of running on both road and rail, intended for towns and villages distant from a railway.

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LNWR Siemens EMU , original, and AC conversion

The first four LNWR electric multiple units used Siemens electrical equipment and were composed of a driving trailer third, composite trailer and driving motor third with four 250 horsepower (190 kW) traction motors. The trains seated 38 first and 138 third class passengers in open saloons.

The Siemens stock trains were stored after the withdrawal of passenger services over the West London Railway following bomb damage in 1940. In 1952, they were converted to prototype 25 kV AC overhead EMUs (Class AM1) and ran on the Lancaster-Morecambe-Heysham line until 1966.

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Midland Railway  EMU 

The Midland Railway was the first British railway to use AC instead od DC to power its new electrified line connecting Morecambe,Heysham and Lancaster. The line was electrified in 1908-9, and Derby built single electric motor coaches, as well as some shorter driving trailer coaches. 
These proved successful, but were life expired by 1951, so ex LNWR Siemens EMUs were converted from DC to AC and ran the service up till 1966. 
The Midland and LMS also ran conventional coaches in their services.

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LMS Post Office Sorting and storage vans

The LMS built a number of different post office sorting and storage  vans

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Pictures are just for reference, not of specific scaled model. 


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