3D Printed standard gauge passenger stock

(ex LNER region)

Passenger stock such as EMUs, DMUs ,steam railmotors and other coaches. 

NER petrol electric railcar Tyneside LNER EMU coaches Glossop  LNER cl506 EMU coaches  
Shenfield  LNER cl306 EMU coaches      
GCR petrol electric railcar LNER Clayton steam railcar    
Wisbech Upwell tram coaches NER dynamometer coaches NER inspection saloon coach  
LNER Quadruple Suburban coaches LNER Quintuple Suburban coaches ECJS coaches  
H&BR 4 wheel coaches GER(MSLR) 6w coaches GER 4w coaches  


Standard Gauge  

NER petrol-electric railcar

The pioneering petrol electric railcar built by the North Eastern Railway in 1904, but then rebuilt with a luggage compartment. It went through a few changes, and is currently being restored at Embsay railway.

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LNER Tyneside Electrics

The LNER electric units were electric multiple units that ran on the Tyneside Electrics, a suburban system around Newcastle upon Tyne. In 1937 the London and North Eastern Railway received articulated twin passenger electric units to replace the NER electric units that had been built in 1904–15 by the North Eastern Railway. The order including some single-unit motor luggage vans and single-unit passenger cars.

Four versions of articulated twin were built:
Type A - motor 3rd + trailer 3rd (driving)
Type B - luggage motor 3rd + trailer 1st (driving)
Type C - motor 3rd + trailer 3rd (non-driving) 
Type D - luggage motor 3rd + trailer 1st (non-driving) 
Types A and B could be used as 2-car sets but Types C and D, with no driving cabs in the trailers, would be made up into longer sets with up to eight cars

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GCR petrol-electric railcar

Sam Fay, General Manager of the Great Central Railway (GCR), had been impressed by the performance of petrol-electric railcars in Hungary and the rest of Europe. This led to the purchase of a petrol-electric bogie railcar from Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Co. in Manchester in 1912. The car's body was constructed by United Electric Car Co. of Preston. 

In an attempt to compete against increasing road traffic after World War 1, the railcar was used on a new shuttle service from August 1921 between Macclesfield Central and Bollington. This resulted in the railcar earning the local name of the "Bollington Bug".

The railcar continued to operate this shuttle service for fourteen years, and was finally withdrawn on 6th July 1935. 

Requires chassis, bogies etc.

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BR (LNER) class 506 Glossop/Woodhead EMU

The British Rail Class 506 was a 3 coach EMU built for local services between Manchester, Glossop and Hadfield on the Woodhead Line, which was electrified in 1954 on the 1,500V DC overhead system.
There were eight three-car units, ordered in 1938 by the LNER and built in 1950, but they did not enter service until June 1954.They were virtually identical to the class 306/AM6 units built for newly electrified suburban lines between Shenfield and London Liverpool Street.

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BR(LNER) C;lass 306 Shenfield EMU

The British Rail Class 306 was introduced in 1949. It consisted of 92 three-car trains which were used on newly electrified suburban lines between Shenfield and London Liverpool Street. 

Class 306 trains were built to a pre-World War II LNER design by Metro Cammell and were originall the same as the class 506 EMU. 

In the early 1960s the overhead wires were re-energised at 25,000 V alternating current (AC) (and 6,250 V AC in the London area) and the trains were rebuilt to use this very different electrical system.

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LNER Clayton Steam Railcar and trailer

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Wisbech and Upwell Tramway Coaches
The bogie tram coach, originally found on Wisbech and Upwell railway, but later used in the classic comedy film - 'Titfield Thunderbolt'
Shorter 2 axle tram coach originally on Wisbech and Upwell line, but also inspiration for Henrietta coach

A special brake coach was also used .

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NER Dynamometer coach

The classic ex NER dynamometer coach, now preserved, but famous for having been used to record Mallard's famous speed record.
requires chassis detail, bogies etc

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NER Inspection Saloon  Coach

TZ built 1871 for Stockton & Darlington Railway, NER 1876. Inspection Saloon from 1884, then rebuilt on bogies 1904.
Possibly best known as the Old Gentleman's coach in the classic film The Railway Children, filmed on the KWVR. 

Requires chassis/bogies/wheels

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ECJS coaches

Requires chassis/bogies/wheels

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LNER Quadruple Suburban Coaches


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LNER Quintuple Suburban Coaches

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In 1922 the GNR started building articulated coach sets for their London suburban lines. These were 4 coach sets(quadruple), and building continued into LNER days. Various companies were used to build these coaches. 
The ex GER suburban lines also needed new coaches, so a 5 coach set(quintuple) was designed, using some of the same coaches as those for the GNR lines, but with 2 different brake end coaches. 
All these coaches were built with shorter compartments than mainline coaxches, and were intended for maximum usage. One consequence of this was overloading and damaged underframes. These were strengthened, and tests were also tried using a longer 8ft 6in bogie instead of the 8ft bogie. Plans were also drawn up for conversion to EMUs, but none were converted. 
These coaches lasted in service up till electrification of the lines in 1960, and some from both 4 coach and 5 coach sets were transferred to other lines. The final ones were withdrawn by 1966.

Hull and Barnsley Railway 4 wheel coaches


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GER (MSLR) 6 wheel coaches

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GER  4 wheel coaches

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Pictures are just for reference, not of specific scaled model. 


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