3D Printed standard gauge rolling stock



All 3D printed designs by Simon Dawson (Rue d'Étropal) , currently produced to order by Shapeways. Just follow links to Shapeways pages.



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          3D printed standard gauge locomotives

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            3D printed narrow gauge rolling stock

        3D printed track and accessories

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Pictures are just for reference, not of specific scaled model. 

Some require full chassis, some just require parts and wheels

Description Model Scales
Standard Gauge    
BR 16T coal wagon

Possibly the classic British Railways wagon. No model layout from this period can be without one. This is in HO scale, a rarity for British HO modelling. Just needs wheels(might need to drill out axle boxes a bit). Add your own couplings of choice.
SECR 6 wheel brake van

 originally built from 1898 to 1914. Early ones only had veranda at one end. These were subsequently rebuilt to match later ones. 
One is preserved at KESR. 


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locomotives rolling stock


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