3D Printed narrow gauge locomotives 

Started with 1/35th scale WW1 locos and wagons, and on request these designs have been re-sized to other scales from Z to SM32



All 3D printed designs by Simon Dawson (Rue d'Étropal) , currently produced to order by Shapeways. Just follow links to Shapeways pages.



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Pictures are just for reference, not of specific scaled model. 

Some bogie wagons require bogies, some are included. Check specific wagon for requirements. 


Description Model Scales

60cm Gauge

20hp Simplex  

( 60cm gauge)

The small 20hp Simplex loco was used a lot in WW1, and developed into one of the most common narrow gauge locos used in industry. The original WW1 version had small variations, and quite often was modified after the war.

40hp Protected Simplex

 (60cm gauge)

The classic British WW1 narrow gauge loco. This model has been designed using various drawings and photos. I prefer to capture the spirit of a model rather than being spot on accurate. In any case the real locos varied and were at the mercy of the war machine.

40hp Armoured Simplex

 (60cm gauge)

The classic British WW1 narrow gauge loco. This is the fully armoured version, which was not built in large quantities.

40hp Protected Simplex with doors open on one side

 (60cm gauge)


40hp Protected Simplex with doors open on both sides

 (60cm gauge)

40hp Protected Simplex with no doors

 (60cm gauge)

40hp Open Simplex 

(60cm gauge)

  Baseplate for 40hp Simplex to fit Lima motor bogie or similar
  Baseplate for 40hp Simplex for Tenshodo or similar motor bogie
  Interior for 40hp Simplex, only for versions without doors or doors open and interior visible
Decauville 060T with closed cab

(60cm gauge)

A Classic WW1 steam loco. This is the original Decauville 8 ton loco, I think also known as a Progress class. Version with fully closed cab.

Decauville 060T with open cab

(60cm gauge)


Kerr Stuart Joffre 060T

(60cm gauge)

A Classic WW1 steam loco. This is the 9 ton Kerr Stuart version of the Decauville 8 ton loco.

Pechot Bourdon 0440T

(60cm gauge)

One of the classic French locos from WW1. Initially used to supply military fortifications, they were later used in the clear up operation.

'Brigade' 080T

(60cm gauge)

The classic German steam loco from WW1. A big loco. Used in industry after the war.

Crochat i/c loco

(60cm gauge)

One of the French petrol locos from WW1. A big beast.

Schneider i/c loco

(60cm gauge)

French WW1 petrol shunter

Deutz i/c loco

(60cm gauge)

One of the small petrol locos built by Germany in WW1.some were captured by the allies and photos show them with British troops.

Decauville16ton 0660 Mallet

(60cm gauge)

The largest of the Decauville narrow gauge locos, the Mallet built for use in Morocco 
 requires chassis

C2 080 steam loco

Probably the most numerous class of steam loco, based on East European prototype and exported to China where it was copied and built in large numbers. Used till recently on industrial and passenger narrow gauge, often looking in a worse condition than scrapped locos!

Metre Gauge


50cm Gauge

Crochat SL6 50 

One of the unusual 50cm gauge locos, built at end of WW1, but then found work in south of France, then preserved on CF de Tarn.

Miniature and other gauges    

Miniature 20hp simplex 

A modified version of the 1/35th scale Simplex, but with a bigger seat and other small mods to make it suitable for 1/24th scale. Should fit on Kato N gauge chassis, making it G9 representing a miniature railway version. As it is still same size underneath, it should also be possible to fit a small OO/HO Spud moto bogie for Gn15.

Other versions in different scales, eg 1`/32 scale version based on 1/43rd scale model, to run on 9mm gauge.

Various narrow gauges    

Wickham Trolley

The Wickham trolley was a railway engineering personnel carrier, to run on standard gauge and narrow gauge (often the same ones) .

Requires chassis and finishing

Versions with and without roof, so can be modeled open, or with a lightweight roof


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