3D Printed narrow gauge rolling stock

Started with 1/35th scale WW1 locos and wagons, and on request these designs have been re-sized to other scales from Z to SM32


All 3D printed designs by Simon Dawson (Rue d'Étropal) , currently produced to order by Shapeways. Just follow links to Shapeways pages.



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Pictures are just for reference, not of specific scaled model. 

Some bogie wagons require bogies, some are included. Check specific wagon for requirements. 


Description Model Scales


(60 cm gauge)



WDLR A type open wagon

(60cm gauge)

One of the first designs used by the British in WW1


WDLR A type open wagon

(60cm gauge)



WDLR A type open wagon, folding ends and sides

(60cm gauge)


WDLR A type open wagon, folding sides

(60cm gauge)



WDLR B type open wagon

(60cm gauge)

The bigger version of the A wagons



WDLR C type open wagon

(60cm gauge)

Bogied version of the A wagon


  WDLR C wagon bogie  

WDLR D wagon bogies

(60cm gauge)



WDLR D type bogie van(ambulance) wagon

(60cm gauge)

originally designed for ambulance service, but not as suited as open wagons, so more often used for freight after WW1



WDLR D type open wagon, type1

(60cm gauge)

one version of the later bogie  open wagons



WDLR D type open wagon, type 2

(60cm gauge)

second version of bogie open wagon



WDLR E type open wagon

(60cm gauge)

bogiew wagon with dropped centre section for larger loads



WDLR F type open wagon

(60cm gauge)

Flat version of E wagon



WDLR H type tanker wagon

(60cm gauge)

Water was an important commodity for troops and animals in WW1, as well as steam locos, so special wagons were built to transport water. Designated H wagons. Found use in Industry after the war.


Pechot bogie wagon

(60cm gauge)

Classic French WW1 bogie wagon, used in various versions


Pechot wagon bogies

(60cm gauge)

used individually and under wagons 


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