Model Accessories - buildings, furniture 

various building items and furniture

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1/12th scale spiral staircase. 


spiral staircase in 1/24 scale 


spiral staircase, in 1/35th scale 





spiral staircase, in 1/43rd scale 






spiral staircase, in 1/55th scale (5.5mm/ft)





spiral staircase, in 1/64th scale (S scale)





spiral staircase in 1/76 scale





spiral staircase in 1/87 scale 




C-1-24-slatted-tables1 1/24th scale

The 1/24th scale version of my 1/35 scale ones. Ideal for the G scale cafe scene. Only one table , seat can be obtained separately. 



c-24-slatted cafe seat 1-24 scale

First venture into 1/24, chairs and tables. Upped from 1/35 version, but thinned down to compensate, looking nice and fragile. They look quite big, but seat height scales out at 20in, same as seat I am sitting on. This is just one seat, the table can be obtained separately 

c-1-35 cafe table with slatted top 1/35th scale

1/35 scale cafe tables with slatted top, note it does not actually fold flat. note only one in pack now. 

c-1-35 folding-chair (Slatted tops)

1/35 scale folding chair, non working, with slatted tops, suit French cafe scene.Please note this does not fold down.

c-1-35 cafe table 1/35 scale

1/35th scale , one folding cafe table with solid top. Note that the tables do not actually fold down 

c-1-35 scale folding-chair 

1/35th scale model folding chair (solid top), ideal for French cafe scene. Note chair does not fold flat, just for display in sitting position


classic cafe table and chairs in 1/43 scale