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French autorail/railcars 

Like other countries France experimented with steam railmotors. Most were not very successful, and internal combustion railcars proved far more successful

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Bugatti autorail/railcar WLG surallongé

Bugatti built a total of 86 railcars between 1933 and 1938, plus two more after World War II. Some served the Paris-Deauville western route; others traveled south from Paris to Vichy and Lyon; still others ran east to Strasbourg and Bugatti’s own hometown of Molsheim.

Many continued in service up till early 1960s. Only one , of the original Presidential series is preserved. 

The WLG Suranlloné was the longest single car version, which ended their days running in south of France. Unfortunately a chance to presrve one was missed in the 1970s, so this model is a way to 'preserve' the design. 

Requires chassis and finishing


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