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LMS Ro-Railer Bus

Sentinel built steam railcars for both the LMS an LNER. The LMS tested a prototype lightweight version (similar to the LNER lightweight ones), and subsequently ordered some slightly altered versions themselves. 

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LMS Karrier Ro-Railer Bus

Karrier's Ro-Railer was a hybrid single decker bus, capable of running on both road and rail, intended for towns and villages distant from a railway. 

Though it was not a success,Karrier's road railbus looked like a bus and could be changed from road to rail in 2˝ to 5 minutes. With a six-cylinder engine and a body by Craven it ran at up to 50 mph. Said to be very rough-riding it ran for 1930/31 on the Stratford-on-Avon and Midland joint line. I ended up becoming a ballast vehicle on the West Highland Line.

Requires chassis, fittings and interior. 

Pictures are just for reference, not of specific scaled model. 


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