3D Printed  LYR Electric Stock

The Liverpool to Southport line was electrified in 1904, and new electric trains were introduced, proving to be very successful. Electrification was extended to Ormskirk, and most of the route still runs.   

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LYR electric baggage cars

Two electric baggage cars were built for the Southport to Liverpool line when it was electrified. Each could also accommodate workmen in a separate compartment. 
Although built to the same specification D59, they were different in several obvious ways. The first(3028) had a low rounded roof and standard hinged doors, the second(3029) had a clerestory roof and sliding doors. Layout was slight different in each. A third one was supplied just after amalgamation of LYR and LNWR, to diagram D177, very similar to the others, but being steel sided and having an elliptical roof.

Requires chassis, bogies, wheels and finishing

Baggage car 3028


Baggage car 3029


Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Southport EMUs

Electrification of the Southport route was agreed in 1902. Preston-based Dick, Kerr & Co. was responsible for the traction systems and the L&YR built the rolling stock.
The first batch of trains were open saloons initially in four-car sets. The two driving motor cars were third class. The two trailers were first class or third class .
Electrification meant the journey time of stopping trains to Southport was reduced from 54 to 37 minutes.
The LY&R stock was replaced from 1940 by new trains that became British Rail Class 502 and all had been withdrawn by 1942

Requires finishing off, wheels etc
Motor 3rd

Requires chassis, bogies, wheels and finishing
Trailer 1st

Requires chassis, bogies, wheels and finishing

Trailer 3rd

Requires chassis, bogies, wheels and finishing

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