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GCR petrol-electric railcar

Sam Fay, General Manager of the Great Central Railway (GCR), had been impressed by the performance of petrol-electric railcars in Hungary and the rest of Europe. This led to the purchase of a petrol-electric bogie railcar from Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Co. in Manchester in 1912. The car's body was constructed by United Electric Car Co. of Preston. 

In an attempt to compete against increasing road traffic after World War 1, the railcar was used on a new shuttle service from August 1921 between Macclesfield Central and Bollington. This resulted in the railcar earning the local name of the "Bollington Bug".

The railcar continued to operate this shuttle service for fourteen years, and was finally withdrawn on 6th July 1935. 

Requires chassis, bogies etc.
bogies for GCR petrol railcar  

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