3D Printed  Jersey Sentinel Steam railcars 


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Jersey Eastern Railway railcar Normandy

Similar railcar to LNER railcar was also used on the Jersey Eastern Railway along with another one (Brittany) which was more like original the LMS Sentinel railcar. Normandy was sold to the other Jersey Railway on closure of the JER, and regauged. Photos suggest it had other alternations to cab end.







Jersey Eastern Railway railcar Brittany

 Both slightly different. The other railcar Normandy was bought by the Jersey Railway when the JER closed.

The cab unit of Brittany ended up in Britain as a shunting loco, but was scrapped after a spell on the KESR.

The coach body survived, and there is a project to either restore it or use it to build a replica.



Requires finishing off, wheels etc


Pictures are just for reference, not of specific scaled model. 


All 3D printed designs by Simon Dawson (Rue d'Étropal) , currently produced to order by Shapeways. Just follow links to Shapeways pages.