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Liverpool Overhead Railway

The Liverpool Overhead Railway (known locally as the Dockers' Umbrella) was an overhead railway in Liverpool which operated along the Liverpool Docks and opened in 1893 with lightweight electric multiple units
Originally run with two coach trains, each coach being 45ft long. The second batch were only 40ft long, but an additional centre coach of 32ft was included. Various modifications were done over the years. Some were modified with new bodywork in the 1940s.

The whole line was closed in 1956, mainly due to the bad condition of some of the viaducts. 

One original coach is preserved, and on view in the local museum. One of the 1940s modified centre trailer coaches is awaiting restoration
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LOR 45ft motor coach

This is one of the modified original 45ft long motor coaches
Requires chassis

LOR 40ft motor coach

This is one of the 40ft long motor coaches
Requires chassis

LOR 32t centre trailer coach  

Pictures are just for reference, not of specific scaled model. 


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