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LSWR Plymouth pushpull/motor coaches

LSWR push pull vestibule coaches

Pushpull coaches (diagram 136), to work w ith additional coach(diagram 25) , first introduced in 1906. Built to a similar style as the main batch of steam railmotors(H13). Originally designed to be pulled by the small C14 loco, itself based on the railmotor, and found to be underpowered , as was its replacement the S14 . Eventually the O2 0-4-4T as used, and these coaches mainly operated in the Plymouth area. 
Converted from wire control to air-control by the Southern Railway, with a modified driving cab end, they eventually were withdrawn from service in 1939. 
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LSWR diagram 136

Driver coach

Requires chassis, bogies etc.
LSWR diagram 136(modified)

Driver coach

Requires chassis, bogies etc.
LSWR diagram 25

non driving coach

Requires chassis, bogies etc.
Seating for D136coach  
Seating for D25 coach  
Gates in original condition
Gates in worn condition

Pictures are just for reference, not of specific scaled model. 


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