Doctor Who themed layouts and dioramas

Almost 10 years ago I started on a layout, which went through various changes, initially just being a Southern Region EMU train themed layout,but evolved into one with a DW theme as well. 
Dunsfold is a small village in Surrey, best known for the aerodrome where the Harrier Jump Jet was developed and built up to 2000, then being used for various TV and film programs such as Top Gear. It was also used in one episode of Torchwood, so does have a DW connection. 

There never was a railway, but having lived near by I thought there could have been one. In fact there was a proposal at start of 20th century for a local line to connect up to the Guildford to Horsham line, but it never proceeded. I took that idea and suggested the line connected Hindhead to the Guildford Horsham line. This line would have been useful during WW2 when the aerodrome was build for the Canadian air force. The station are at Dunsfold would have been expanded, and at some time the station buildings were rebuilt. The line was then electrified, and at some time UNIT moved onto the aerodrome working alongside the Harrier factory. Maybe some UFO type developments also went on. 

I have set my layout in 1970-71, when old pre war EMUs were still just being used. 

Track and buildings are old Hornby Dublo plastic series, probably dating from around 1963. The main layout can run totally on auto with the two EMUs running back and forth. It also features a working level cross and a WW2 era signal box, both from my own 3D print designs. 

I have included various mini scenes with either a DW connection and some personal connection to the area. 

The scenic part, is just under 6ft long, with non scenic extensions either end about the same. 

The other DW themed models use the forced perspective ideas inspired by Jack Nelson
First one (Cafe Fantastique) is 1/32 at front, 1/55 at rear, and includes working tram and rail mounted Daleks(!)

Exhibition details HERE

Some of the kits used are from Ukrainian companies, namely Miniart and Master Box. Miniart had already had to move from Crimea a few years ago, and the Cafe building is from the original factory, having been recycled from a WW1 themed layout  Master Box have recently done some figures in response to the Russian invasion, including a set of young refugees which I have found a home for on this model. 


and finally an early stage photo showing it is bigger on the inside!

The Dalek is motorized and runs on the track shown, but K9 has to be towed on a lead.



Second one is 1/12th at front, 1/24th at rear, and is built to resemble a 1960s era television. The switches at front turn on various lights to highlight various features


The rail track underneath has various moving DW features. 

Moving up to the biggest scale, using 1/6th scale and /12th scale, with a rail mounted K9(!)

Finally for now, a desire to reactivate my Gn15 modes, let to a scene with 1/24 at front and 1/35 at rear, and includes some rail mounted Daleks, a Scalectric  racing bike, working freight tram, and ability to add more working features in front. The visible area might not be that wide, but with side non visible extensions to should still fit on a 4-6ft table. 

So that is it for the moment. All the above could be exhibited. Dunsfold requires quite a bit of space, but the others could easily be squeezed in anywhere.