News about STL releases



10th September 2023

The Shapeways trial is going ahead, and some of my designs are included. 

10th August 2023

Recently Shapeways have announced a new pay for download service. Only for private use, and initial trial does not make it easy to only selection a few designs, so I will see what happens.

I am still looking at other ideas for getting stl files out there. 

9th July 2023


After 10 years, developing my range of 3D print designs, I now feel it is the time to make some of them available for home or local printing. 
This will be a once in life time offer, but will require 1000 commitments to buy each set of designs. Crowdfunding will probably be the best method. Each collection will be released on DVD, as compressed stl print files, which even compressed are very large. 
The first set will be narrow gauge locos, coaches, railcars and wagons (about 180 different designs). I estimate price per DVD would be 20 including postage and restricted to UK only, but only if there are enough commitments to buy.