PEDATON Mini Layout

Back in 2016 I wrote into Railway Modeller suggesting an idea for a layout set in the near future. Not science fiction, not steam punk, not fantasy, just set in the near future.

After struggling to get anything that looked right, it was put to one side and in late 2023 , after building a few multi scale mini layouts with forced perspective (inspired by the work of Jack Nelson) , I went back to the idea of a layout set in near future.

Using tram models in two scales(1/32 and 1/55) defined the scale boundaries. I also included a narrow gauge railway(1/32 on 9mm track) and a working cycle way using my own 3D printed model of a typical 21st century pedacab, powered by a mini Scalextric car chassis.

  I recycled an old cardboard fruit/which I had, and built up the layout using mainly scrap cardboard. I have included a closed down motorway, and a row of houses with roof gardens.

Figures are from various sources and include some well known characters. Various smaller scale e-trikes and carf-go trikes are my own 3D printed models, No motor cars at all.

The trams run on auto shuttles, the narrow gauge train and pedacab run on standard 12v control.


This layout is intended to be displayed raised about a table with curtains hanging from framework


Some photos below