Re-Creation21 - Pro-Active Recycling


On 13th July 2011 I moved into W7 on the balcony at Accrington market This has allowed me to do more work, and bring some colour to this part of the market. Hopefully I will be able to sell some of my work.

The view from other balcony

The view from W7 across the market hall

As a result of joining the new local art group called Cotton Brick, I have had some pictures on show in the market, and also try out something different for a mall exhibition at the Howarth Art Gallery. The original theme for the exhibition involved creating something postcard sized. I could not think how I could do this until I checked out the moulding pieces I had, and created a new mould box , postcard sized. Then it was decided that pictures should be A5 sized. I did not want to change the box size. First thought was to place two moulded  'plates' next to each other, but then I had an even better idea. Using the backing sheet for an A5 photo frame, I mounted one 'plate' in the middle, and painted the background pale blue. An inspiration which has given me a new direction, using the inverse window frame idea.

One of the single 'postcards'

The postcards in a bigger window frame


other styles using fruitbox backing

the main display area, plenty of light and enough space to work, for the moment