3D Perspective Model buildings and Accessories




3D perspective adds depth to a layout or display. 

Initially terraced buildings produced starting with a typical row of brick terrace houses. The front on is 1/76 scale the other end is 1/152 scale. Lighting and street furniture in scales between these can be added. Could even be used to connect a OO scale layout with an N gauge one.


Now adding 3D perspective railway wagons

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Terraced houses  


Terraced houses (opposite side)

Backs of terraced houses

Backs of terraced houses (opposite)

Back yard walls  of terraced houses

Back yard walls  of terraced houses (opposite)

Terraced shops selection 1

Terraced shops selection 1 (opposite)

3D perspective row box vans

front one is 1/76 to 1/87 scale , back one is 1/152 to 1/175 scale

individual box vans

1/76 to1/87

1/87 to1/100

1/100 to 1/115

1/115 to 1/132

1/132 to 1/152

1/152 to 1/175


more wagons to add