Model buildings

complete buildings in variety of scales

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          Modular Buildings. 

               Nissen Huts . 

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Low Relief Boulangerie shop, centre door, 3 floors , version 1.

Terraced Houses
These are intended as examples, other combinations can be produce , including names on shops
Bottom 2 houses and shop on a sloping road Z-87-lr-stone-t-shop-ld-slope-l2r-bot3-1 HO (1/87) scale

Top 2 houses and a shop on a sloping road Z-87-lr-stone-t-shop-cd-slope-l2r-top3-1HO (1/87) scale
Art Deco Roadside Garage

Classic Art Deco design for 1930s roadside garage . Front only, low relief.

Z-1-152-garage-1-(N scale)

Z-1-100-garage-1-(TT scale 3mm/ft)

Z-1-87-garage-1-(HO scale)

Z-1-76-garage-1- (OO Scale)

Z-1-55-garage-1- (5.5mm/ft scale)

Z-1-43-garage-1-(O scale)

Z-1-32-garage-1- (Gauge 1 scale)

Railway Buildings
Gomshall Signal Box, a ww2 build pillbox style building on Guildford to Redhill line  . Model based on this.

Z-76-gomshall-box-1a -(OO scale)

A small goods building,found on many lines., in particular ex Southern Railway. The design is modular so can be offered in different configurations if required.

G-87-provender-store-6-4-1a -(HO scale)

Classic Southern Railway concrete hut, found everywhere on their system.


G-87-sr-concrete-hut-1-(HO scale)


simple concrete sided, based on old Hornby Dublo one

H-87-shed-1 -(HO scale)

small garden shed

G-87-garden-shed-1-(HO scale)