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BR Class 501 EMU motor driver and driver trailer coach

The British Rail Class 501 electric multiple units were built in 1955/56 for use on the former LNWR/LMS suburban electric network of the London Midland Region.
Each train consisted of a motor driver coach, a centre coach, and a trailer driver coach. The body on both motor and trailing driver coaches is the same.
All passenger doors had bars on windows , which need to be added.
Model requires chassis

Details of models available

BR Class 504 EMU driver motor coach

The British Rail Class 504 was a unique type of electric multiple unit that ran on 1200 V DC third rail with side-contact current collection. The type was used only on the Bury Line between Manchester and Bury. They were built in 1959.
Operated as a 2 car train, one driver motor coach, one driver trailer. This is the driver motor coach.
requires chassis

Details of models available

BR Class 120 DMU 

The Class 120, were a cross-country DMU in three-car formation, built at the British Rail Swindon Works.
Totaling 194 cars, three batches were built:

1958 - 49 sets for the Western Region
1959 - 7 sets for the Scottish Region
1961 - a further 9 sets for the Western Region

Details of models available

AEC/BUT railcars

Nicknamed the "flying bricks", a 3-car set was built as a demonstration train, formed of two power cars and a centre trailer, although it could also be operated as a one or two car train,

The bodies were built by Park Royal, and the underframe and mechanics by AEC. Initially they were numbered Cars 1-3, but later given the BR numbers M79740-2. They were trialed in many places around the country, leading to them being bought by the LMR in January 1955 and a further set and spare power/trailer car delivered in 1955 and another 3-car in 1957. The later eight cars (M79743-50) didn't have the bodysides skirts, and had sliding lights rather than droplights on the sides

Details of models available

Class 109 DMU

The British Rail Class 109 was a class of 2-car diesel multiple units built in 1957 by D Wickham & Co. Five two-car units were built featuring an unusual body design. 

The units soon became non-standard and two were sold back to the manufacturer who exported them to Trinidad and Tobago. Another unit was converted into departmental service, and survived in BR ownership until the early 1980s.This has been preserved and restored to working condition at the Llangollen Railway.

Requires finishing off, wheels and mechansm etc.

Details of models available

Class 306 EMU

Class 306 trains were built to a pre-World War II LNER design by Metro Cammell 

When built the trains were energised at 1,500 V direct current (DC) which was collected from overhead wires by a diamond pantograph located above the cab on the Motor Brake Second Open (MBSO) vehicle.

In the early 1960s the overhead wires were re-energised at 25,000 V alternating current (AC) (and 6,250 V AC in the London area) and the trains were rebuilt to use this very different electrical system. The pantograph, now a more modern Stone Faiveley AMBR design, was moved to the roof of this carriage, which reduced the headroom inside the train, so the the guard's compartment was relocated to be directly below the 
The Class 306 trains were withdrawn in the early 1980s, and one unit, 306017, has been preserved.

Requires chassis, and finishing

Details of models available

Wickham Trolley

The Wickham trolley was a railway engineering personnel carrier, to run on standard gauge and narrow gauge(often the same ones) .

Requires chassis and finishing

Versions with and without roof, so can be modeled open, or with a lightweight roof

Details of models available

Pictures are just for reference, not of specific scaled model. 


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