3D Printed standard gauge passenger stock 

(Light Railways and metro Systems)

Passenger stock including EMUs, DMUs and steam railmotors. 

London Transport Mersey Railway Liverpool Overhead WCPR Small Railcar WCPR Large Railcar
KESR Steam Railcar Wolseley Railcar Ford Railmotors and lorry
S&MR Gazelle coaches Royal Saloon coaches(S&MR,KESR) Metropolitan Railway Jubilee Coaches Metropolitan Railway 8 wheel  Coaches WCPR Bogie Coaches
Bishops Castle Railway (ex H&B) third brake (converted)
Standard Gauge  

London Transport District Line stock

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Liverpool Overhead Railway

The Liverpool Overhead Railway (known locally as the Dockers' Umbrella) was an overhead railway in Liverpool which operated along the Liverpool Docks and opened in 1893 with lightweight electric multiple units
Originally run with two coach trains, each coach being 45ft long. The second batch were only 40ft long, but an additional centre coach of 32ft was included. Various modifications were done over the years. Some were modified with new bodywork in the 1940s.

The whole line was closed in 1956, mainly due to the bad condition of some of the viaducts. 

One original coach is preserved, and on view in the local museum. One of the 1940s modified centre trailer coaches is awaiting restoration.


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Mersey  Railway

In 1903 24 motor cars and 33 trailers were provided by Westinghouse to run on the Mersey Railway. The stock was of an American design, with a clerestory roof and open gated ends. Unheated accommodation was in saloons and the wooden bodies were British built, and the bogies had been made by Baldwin .
The open ends were then modified, and dving compartments were built at one end of trailer coaches. In this form some survived till the 1950s when they were replaced by BR built versions of the LMS class 50s EMUs. 

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WCPR Railway 

Col. Stephens was a pioneer of petrol traction. The WC&PR was the first of his railways to introduce railcars. The first was bought new in 1921 from the Drewry Car Co Ltd to Col Stephens’ specification - works no 1252. It seated 30 with 12 standing, and due to low running costs was relatively profitable. Luggage could be stored on the roof 

A matching trailer seating 24 was bought in 1923 from Drewry (works No 1323). The trailer originally had waterproof curtains rather than glazing.

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Not the fifth railcar but the only other one! This larger Drewry railcar was bought second-hand in 1934 (built 1928 - works No 1650) from the Southern Railway (where the number 5 originated), and was 4-wheeled and petrol-engined. 

Livery was left in lined SR dark olive green, though in the final years was painted unlined mid green. 

Requires wheels, mechanism, and finishing off

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KESR Pickering Steam Railcar

This steam railcar was built for the Kent and East Sussex Railway(one of Colonal Stephens lines) in 1905, by R & Y Pickering of Wishaw near Glasgow. 

Requires wheels,chassis ,interior

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  Coaches for Gazelle on Shropshire and Montgomery Railway

The first coach used with Gazelle on the Shropshire and Montgomery Railway was converted from an old LCC horse drawn tramcar, mounted on railway wheels. 
Survived up till 1930s,when replaced by a second coach, converted from a Wolseley railcar. 

Requires wheels,chassis etc

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Wolseley Railcar

Col. Stephens had a number of railcars built, starting with this Wolseley based railcar, intiallt for the selsey Tramway, then the Shopshire and Montgomery Railway. It was a ruin by the time it reached the S&M, and its body was used on the original chassis for the coach for Gazelle. 

Requires wheels,chassis etc

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Royal Saloon Coaches (S&MR,KESR)

Amongst the varied selection of rolling stock acquired by Colonel Stephens for his lines were two carriages originally built by the London and South Western Railway for the use of the Royal Family. These carriages were of considerable historical importance and appear to have been purchased for the Colonel's personal use as inspection saloons on the Shropshire and Montgomeryshire and the Kent and East Sussex Light Railways. 

Requires wheels,chassis ,interior

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Ford rail lorry and railmotors

The lorry was bought as a standard 1 ton Ford Model T lorry by Colonel Stephens for use on his railways. Initially used on the West Sussex Railway(Selsey Tramway) and then transferred to the Sropshire and Montgomery Railway. 

The second batch of Ford railmotors was introduced by Colonel Stephens on the KESR and S&MR. Based on a chassis of the 1 ton Model T Ford. 

A separate baggage wagon was built for he railmotors, normally in-between. Initially on WS then transferred to S&MR and used with Gazelle.

Standard gauge, but could be modified to run on narrow gauge. 

Requires wheels, motor and finishing

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Metropolitan Railway Jubilee coach

All 3rd class, Brake 3rd, Brake 2nd, Saloon(converted brake 2nd) , 
All 1st

Built for the Metropolitan Railway at the time of Queen Victoria's silver jubilee, to replace rigid 8 wheel coaches , which had been proving troublesome on the Circle line. Originally built with a short 14ft wheelbase, when additional coaches were built for the 'mainline', this had to be increased to improve ride quality. 
They were run in close coupled sets.
Eventually these short coaches were replaced with longer bogie coaches, and many were sold to other railways. 
The Mid Suffolk Railway,Nidd Valley Railway and WCPR bought some. Modifications to the coaches were made on both the Mid Suffolk and WCPR. 

The coaches on the Mid Suffolk were replaced when the line was taken over by the LNER, the others lasted till those lines closed. One First class coach body survived on the WCPR and has been restored to near original condition with a new chassis. 

Requires wheels and finishing. 

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Metropolitan 8 wheel coaches

When the Metropolitan Railway rquired coaches , having fallen out with the GWR, it introduced its own very similar 8 wheel(non bogie) coaches. The first 92 had square topped doors, but after that doors were round topped. 
With modernisation into the 20th century, some of these 8 wheelers were extensively rebuilt into bogie coaches, and most of the rest had minor modifications . However many were sold off , including a batch to a French railway, which actually ran up till 1964, and some to the Isle of Wight Railway. The IOW ones were mainly of the semi modified version, and continued in use up till the 1930s. The Met also retained some for departmental use and some were used on the Brill branch .

Requires wheels and finishing. 

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Bishops Castle Railway )ex H&B) converted brake third

Acquired by the Bishops Castle Railway from the Cardiff Railway who had already modified an ex Hull and Barnsley Railway all third into a brake third, with 3 half passenger compartments. 

Requires wheels and finishing.


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WCPR Bogie Coaches

The first coaches on the WCPR were these distinctive bogie coaches, built by the Lancaster Railway Carriage and Wagon Co Ltd. They had been ordered by the Argentine Republic Railway, but the contract fell through. 

Requires finishing, bogies, interior and wheels. 
Two versions are available. One with basic balcony ends and one without. A 3D printed model of the ends and side doors of the balcony is available. 

Details of models available

Pictures are just for reference, not of specific scaled model. 


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