Recent 3D Printed Designs


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LNER ECJR RoyalSaloon coaches 395, 396
LNER Sentinel Steam Railcar D97 type
SR Maunsell low window corridor coaches
GCR J10 loco and tender
GCR J11 loco and tender
Round corrugated storage/camping shed
Rye and Camber 3ft gauge locos and stock
Chaldron wagon -standard gauge
SR/IOW ex LCDR bogie coaches
SR/IOW ex LBSCR bogie coaches
SR Maunsell high window corridor coaches
Midland Railway Steam Railmotor original and conversions
Portugal CP 9100 metre gauge railcar
Barnum Bailey coaches
Portugal metre gauge 9630 DMU
GWR Concertina Coaches
Hunslet WDLR 4-6-0T loco
Renault AEK2 autorail
Renault TE autocar(rebuilt to MX 155-156 on Reseau Breton)
LSWR dining saloon coach
GSWR (Ireland) J15/101 steam loco and tender
West Clare Railway Walker diesel loco
New York Subway IRT series 5100 motor/trailer car
SECR H class 0-4-4T loco
Bugatti Presidentiel railcar
District Line R38/47/49 stock
SR 4SUB EMU(first batch)
Chicago North Shore steel interurbans/Silverliner
GWR Dreadnought Coaches
Etat G series van
New individual inlaid track inserts 
Dick Kerr/Westinghouse WDLR loco
Panhard gaz powered autorail
Manning Wardle L class loco Sir Berkeley
LNER A4 loco and tender
De Dion Bouton automotrice/railcar type KG and trailer

De Dion Bouton automotrice/railcar type KG3 and trailer(Syria)

BR wagon chassis 9ft and 10ft wheelbases
Maunsell pushpull coaches
Bulleid proposed 2-8-2 

Bulleid Q1 Leader style variants

NER ES1/EF1/EB1 electric locos
Swedish Narrow Gauge Y01 railbuses and trailers
GCR/MSLR Directors Saloon coach
SR Maunsell and Bulleid Restaurant coaches
GSWR(Ireland) class 90 loco
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Designs by Rue d'Étropal